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Community Based Services

A+ Solutions Center provides community based services in conjunction with the mental health clinic including Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS), Case Management, and Peer Support. Each of these services take place in the homes and natural community settings of participants, in order to enhance mental health clinic services. Each service is implemented to meet the needs of individuals and families, as an adjunct service to psychotherapy.The following are descriptions of each: 

Community-Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS):

CBRS is provided by bachelor’s level staff members who are certified psychiatric rehabilitation practicioners (CPRP). It is available to children, adolescents and adults who are recovering from a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disturbance. This program assists participants in developing skills and accessing resources needed to function and succeed in their home and community settings. The goal of the service is to promote recovery, assist the member to integrate with his/her community, and provide services aimed at helping the member improve his/her quality of life. Service target skills for adults are those that have been lost due to the symptoms of the member’s mental illness. Service target skills for children or adolescents are those that the member would have appropriately developed for his/her developmental stage had the member not developed symptoms of a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness or Serious Emotional Disturbance. (Optum Idaho Website) CBRS staff at A+ Solutions receive ongoing supervision from Master’s level clinicians and coordinate care with therapists to ensure a comprehensive approach to care for participants. 

Case Management Services:

Case Management is a home and community-based program, provided by a bachelor’s level staff member. Case managers assist participants who are at risk of being underserved in their effort to identify, access and utilize medical, behavioral health or social services, or to otherwise achieve goals for recovery/resiliency. Case management serves to support the member’s ability to utilize behavioral health and medical services, manage functional difficulties, or otherwise realize goals for recovery/resiliency. (Optum Idaho Website) At A+ Solutions, Case Manager’s have ongoing supervision and coordinate with administration and therapists to assist participants in accessing services to meet their needs. 

Peer Support Services:

Peer and Family Peer Services and Supports are a form of community support service in which a Certified Peer or Family Peer Specialist utilizes his/her training, lived experience and experiential knowledge to assist the member/member’s parent or legal guardian with achieving the member’s recovery and resiliency goals. Assistance can take a variety of forms such as by providing information about services or self-care, supporting the development of skills, and facilitating access to services and resources. Peer and Family Peer Services and Supports may be delivered while the member is receiving behavioral health treatment, in advance of the start of behavioral health treatment in order to facilitate engagement in care, or as part of the member’s transition from services. Peer and Family Peer Services and Supports help the member/member’s parent or legal guardian become less isolated, and increase the likelihood that the member/member’s parent or legal guardian will feel empowered and engaged. (Optum Idaho Website)